SMALL OAK BARRELS -SMALL WOODEN BARRELS FOR SALE,  for Beer, brandy, cognac, whiskey etc.

Oak from 1 l to 225 l

Mulberry 1 lt – 100 lt
Botti per distillati - GelsoBotti per distillati - Gelso

Cherry from 1 l to 100 l
Botti per distillati - CiliegioBotti per distillati - Ciliegio

Ash from 1 l to 100 l
Botti per distillati - FrassinoBotti per distillati - Frassino

Juniper from 1 l to 10 l
Botti per distillati - GineproBotti per distillati - Ginepro

Acacia from 1 l to 100 l
Botti per distillati - AcaciaBotti per distillati - Acacia

Oak barrels whit stand and tap.

Botte completa

Botte completa

Botti-barili per vino,aceto balsamico,whisky,brandy,birra,rum.

Barrels for any type of alcoholic drink: wine, beer, rum, cognac, whiskey, brandy, liqueurs etc. Our barrels are constructed artiganalmente using selected types of wood between here: oak, ash, acacia, cherry, mulberry and juniper . The barrels can esere provided with hoops fierce and ferocious galvanized. The finishes can esere chosen from among natural wood, or on request vernicate finished with double external polishing spray. The wooden supports are not included and are aquistabili separately. Customers’ logos can be printed with esere Spec “Laser” at the customer’s request. The small barrels from 1 liter to 5 liters are construite by carved slats with galvanized hoops or fero 1.5mm thick and 20mm in truck width.

Small wooden barrels

Small barrels – barrels – oak barrels are essential for a good distillate (whiskey, beer, grappa, cognac, ilquori, wine). An oak barrel (oak) and capable of transmitting excellent flavors and aromas to the distillate during the aging phase: the dense grain of the wood also impedes any loss, while its pores allow the distillate to breathe.
All the distillates, once put into barrels, have a strong power to extract substances contained in the wood and over time they give unmistakable aromas and scents.
The smaller the barrel the more the contact surface is high and therefore also the contribution of the wood increases.Cherry barrels, barrels of mulberry,barrels of acacia, barrels of juniper, oak barrels small.Small wine barrels for sale. Small barrels of yuniper for sale.Oak small barrels for sale.Production small barrels of oak.Wooden Berrels for sale.Wooden barrels for whisky.Wooden barrels for brandy.Wooden barrels for beer.Wooden barrels for cognac.Wooden barrels for wine.

Botti di rovere per la grappa

Oak barrels for grappa

Botti di rovere per la birra

Oak barrels for beer

Botti di rovere per la vino

Oak barrels for wine

Botti di rovere per liquori, whisky

Oak barrels for liqueurs, whiskey