• Production and sale of wooden barrels


Production and sale of wooden barrels

Wood processing shop, production and selling of wooden barrels for wine, vinegar, cognac, whiskey, brandy and other alcoholic distillates.

We produce wooden barrels made of oak, ash, acacia, cherry, muiberry and juniper.

The barrels from one liter to eight liters are made of the slats which are cut on а curve, but the barrels of ten liters and more are made in а traditional way with slats curved bу fire.

Each barrel has got its own stamp which shows the wood type and its volume. Barrels up to 30 liters volume have four galvanized hoops and the barrels of 30 liters or more have got six galvanized hoops.

Wooden stands for barrels and the taps are not included in price and theycan bе purchased separately.

The barrels are not paraffined.

The pedestal is not included and can be purchased separately.
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