Preparation of the barrels

Receipt of barrels remove them from their packaging and controlled. Remenber that a barrel was created to contain wine, so it’s best to keep it always full, but if you can not fill them immediately recommend to repack and store in a cool, semi-humid. is to avoid excess moisture.

Before filling the cask of wine recommend rinsing it this way: fill the barrel with Cold water, stopper and rinse each head for about ten minutes, shaking the barrel, then roll it to rinse your sides, empty and fill with cold water and leave to stand for 24 hours. If the next control is not leaking it can be emptied and filled with wine, otherwise leave the water even for a day or two. If the leak persists contact us to receive instructions. Given that the wood of the barrels are dehydrated from the traditional form performed on making a wood fire (not steam), then once the barrel is filled with wood absorbs liquid and increases in volume by sealing only the losses that we between the slats may be no need for any intervention, then wait before starting repairs.

Also found that after filling some parts of the cask wine will change color, this is natural because the wine is absorbed deep into the fiber of the wood, changing its color.

We suggest you always keep the barrel full of wine. If this is not possible to rinse the barrel used by holding it upside down and let cold water drip overnight, then burned discs of sulfur inside, stoppered and stored in a cool, semi-humid.